Feeding products to Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs)

If you are going to feed your products to the all-important CSEs, then you will first need to subscribe to the DotFeed Cloud Platform.

The DotFeed Cloud platform gives you access to a portal where you can manage all your DotFeed apps. You can use rules to optimize your data, you can preview your feeds, monitor your DotFeed activity and much more ...

This is a hosted platform and is constantly being updated in line with a myriad shifts made by the shopping engines.
DotFeed Cloud is included with Year-Round Benefits.

DotFeed Platform - Shopping Channel Data Feeds
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Price: $399.00

Our growing bank of product feeds for Comparison Shopping Engines are all available at an annual price to run from your console within DotFeed Cloud.

With the single exception of TheFind which still offers clicks free of charge, all of the others charge on a 'bid' basis. Many of our DotFeed Cloud users are seeing significant success with CPC bids on these comparison shopping engines.

Google recently revealed that it anticipates 600% growth (year on year) from orders generated by Google Shopping.